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For Patients...Custom orthotic frequently asked questions


What is the difference between a Custom Orthotics and a shoe insert?

A custom orthotic is a device designed to your exact foot pathology as prescribed by a licensed practitioner or podiatrist. Shoe inserts, which you routinely see at shopping malls and retail stores are prepackaged arch supports and NOT custom orthotic devices. While shoe inserts may provide some relief from foot ailments and cushion your feet, they cannot cure long-standing foot issues or correct biomechanical foot problems.

What is a custom orthotic?

What is casting for a pair of orthotics?

How do I know if I need custom orthotics?

What should I expect if I visit my practitioner and custom orthotics are recommended?

What are the primary types of custom orthotics?

Can I wear regular shoes with my custom orthotics?

Do I have to adjust to wearing custom orthotics? Are they uncomfortable? What are wearing instructions?

Are there different types of orthotics available?

Are there pediatric orthotics available for children?

Do orthotics have to be prescribed by a licensed foot care specialist?

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